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If your property needs a little or a lot of work, then don't be ashamed... and you can even sell it here with little-to-no broker commissions.


Harry Kunelis DDS

Licensed IL Real Estate Broker

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Hi, my name is Harry.  And I help homeowners sell their property in a low cost and hassle-free way.  If you're reading this, then that means you need a quick answer.  Chances are you're looking to sell your property while paying little-to-no broker commission; or perhaps your property needs too many costly repairs that you don't care to deal with.  Either way, one solution is that you can sell it to me.  I'll cure this burden for you in one fell swoop so you can get on with your life.  Ideally for me, the more repair the property needs, the better.

But just in case we don't do business together, I want to assure you have complete knowledge on how to sell it, which is why I created a free checklist summary for you to learn fast.  A summary of the proper steps and paperwork so you can sell your property on your own.  Even if you don't sell it to me.  Unlike most other investor buyers that you'll run across, I happen to be an Illinois licensed managing broker.  This is good for you for three reasons.

One, you're guaranteed to get relevant home price levels since I have access to the most accurate closed sales data in your neighborhood—courtesy of my MLS license.  Two, even though you're selling alone, you can go to sleep at night knowing your transaction is being handled like a pro.  Three, and most importantly, as a licensed broker, I'm required to transact with a higher degree of truthfulness in all my real estate dealings—regardless if it's a broker transaction or not.  Therefore, as I licensed broker, I can promise that you'll get honest dealings with me because I won't jeopardize getting any consumer complaints on my license.  Download the free 1-page summary to learn more.  And even feel free to call me if you'd like to discuss a possible quick sale.

Are you considering selling your property alone?
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